Powdered Saffron Types

Powdered Saffron Types

Powdered saffron is graded in three groups:

First grade powder (Sargol powder): This type has the best quality and high coloring. In fact, it is the powdered Sargol saffron.

Second grade powder: This type of saffron includes saffron powdered cornflower and it includes a small percentage of saffron style with a moderate coloring power.

Third degree powder: In this type of saffron, the amount of powdered style is more than the previous ones.

It should be noted that each of these saffron, in turn, could be of a high quality (grade 2) and (grade 3). None of these types can easily be preferred to another. Only a certain superiority can be attributed to the purity of the stigma or its ratio to the style. It is obvious that, saffron Sargol and Pushal are more valuable.

There are some important points about classification or grading various types of saffron. In contrasts to the perception of those who consider the root of saffron and even the root or Konj to be more aromatic, scientific studies and analysis have shown that the source of valuable materials is only in saffron red stigmas. These materials, especially crocin, have been shifted from style to stigma in the vegetable tissue, but due to moisture content in the style, it seems that the aroma of the style ends.

It should also be mentioned that the yellow part (Konj) is not only lacking the main material of saffron, but also does not contain any crocin. The aroma that comes from it is due only to the higher moisture content than the stigma. At the same time, there is no counterfeit due to its beautiful appearance and its eye-catching color.

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