Applications Of Saffron

Applications Of Saffron

Saffron with the scientific name of crocus sativus is the most expensive crop on the planet, and is the only herb to buy and sell in grams not tons and kilos. Although saffron has been used for a long time with its beautiful color and flavor, the use of saffron has increased in recent years due to the tendency to use natural supplements instead of chemical and synthetic types in food.

Below are some general applications for saffron:

– Saffron and medicinal properties

– Saffron and its chemical and industrial applications

– Saffron and food consumption

Saffron and Medicinal Properties

From ancient times, different spices was considered for saffron as well as other spices. Today, based on scientific research, which continues the extensive use of saffron in traditional medicine and herbal medicine, many properties of saffron and the effectiveness of its compounds have attracted the attention of many researchers and practitioners of medical science. Following can be mentioned among the properties of saffron:

– Producing anti depression medicines.

– Assisting the normal digestion of food, boosting stomach and anti-flatulence

– Sedative, especially in the treatment of gum and colic pains

– Anti-tumor, free radical additive (anticancer agent)

– Joyful, cure for nerve pain, sedative, cure for insomnia

– Memory booster, concentration enhancer, anticonvulsant, spastic depression, Alzheimer and Parkinson’s

– Blood pressure treatments, Cholesterol lowering, Iron deficiency anemia treatment in girls, reducing the likelihood of heart disease and atherosclerosis, and increasing the heart health

– Treatment for respiratory diseases such as asthma, colds, cough

– Increased blood flow in the retina, Treatment of yellow patches of retina due to aging

– Treatment of coagulation and rheumatism as an external use

– Treatment for diseases such as bloody diarrhea, measles, liver and spleen enlargement, and urinary tract infection

– Research has also shown that compounds in saffron have been effective in treating some types of cancers in laboratory animals

Saffron, Its Chemical and Industrial Applications

Saffron can be used in various industries because of the unique characteristics. Natural colors today have many consumers around the world due to consumer safety and the absence of adverse health effects. For many years, natural dyes have been used in the dye industry.

Saffron has also been used in sanitary and aromatic products because of its special ingredients.

Other usages of Saffron in Industry is in making different types of cosmetics, body creams and lotions.

Saffron and Food Industry

Saffron is used as a spice for coloring and aroma of food. In recent years, the use of saffron has grown instead of chemical and synthetic types in food as a natural dye and flavor due to the tendency of the community to use natural supplements.

The color of saffron and its taste increase appetite. It is widely used in the preparation of sweets and drinks and syrups. Today saffron is widely used in cooking, confectionery, dairy industries (ice cream, butter, cheese, etc.), various drinks (beverages, saffron tea and energy drinks, etc.), ready-made cakes, jellies, sweets, and candies and as a dye and flavoring agent. The use of saffron is also common in the coloring of sausages, oleomargarine and shortening.

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